5 Healthy Food Substitutions

  1. Whole wheat bread instead of white bread- Whole wheat offers a lot of (or more) vitamins and minerals that are not contained in white bread such as zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber. Whole grain bread also promotes a greater feeling of fullness. Lastly, whole wheat is lower on the glycemic index [1]. A food lower on the glycemic index will release glucose slower and promote weight loss.

    variety of fresh healthy foods fruits vegetables whole grains and dairy.

  2. Eat dark greens instead of iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is mostly made of water and does not have much nutritional value. Dark greens such as kale and spinach have high amounts of vitamin A, C, and K. While these dark vegetables are broken down they form compounds such as nitriles, thiocynates, indoles, isothiocynates. The latter two have been found to inhibit cancer development [2].
  3. Water instead of soda or juice. This one is a given. By cutting soda and juice out of your diet you are also cutting out a lot of sugar. I can’t recommend this switch strongly enough. With that much sugar cut out from your life you will feel better in almost every way including fat loss, increased energy, sleep quality, nicer teeth, etc.
  4. Coffee or green tea instead of energy drinks. It’s widely known that energy drinks are not great to consume, but sometimes we find ourselves reaching for one to complete a long day of work. There are other alternatives that can give us that pick me up needed to finish up the day, such as coffee or green tea. Everything that was stated about the sugar in soda/juice can be said for energy drinks and on top of that energy drinks are bad for the heart. Both coffee/green tea and energy drinks have caffeine in it, but along with the high amount of caffeine there is also a high amount of taurine in energy drinks. Both are not necessarily bad ingredients depending on the dosage, but when large amounts are taken together there can be a negative impact on the heart. Green tea and coffee also contain large amounts of antioxidants that are not in energy drinks.
  5. Quinoa instead of brown rice. While both have roughly the same amount of calories quinoa has a higher amount of protein per serving and less carbohydrates. Not only is the protein content greater, but quinoa is a complete protein meaning it contains all the essential amino acids. Quinoa also has a greater amount of magnesium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, and fiber when compared to brown rice.


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