AGA Golf Fitness Tips of the Month | August | Scottsdale |Mesa


This is Andrew Fodge with Fitness by Andrew Personal Training based out of Scottsdale, AZ. I am a TPI Certified Trainer and I’ve got this month’s golf fitness tip for you. John Greig, head pro at Tatum ranch, is going to help me demonstrate this month’s tip. Today we are going to present working with the hips. We see often see a lack of mobility, acceleration, deceleration in the hips. It is something that we want to give a lot of attention to and help you improve. We are going to show you 3 different variation from the floor up trying to increase the strength and mobility of the hips also the power and separation of the hips from the torso. We are going to start with a windshield wiper progression. There is something similar online. Dean Somerset has a great progression of this exercise at if you would like to go further that what we cover in this video. The 1st progression we will demonstrate is the beginning variation to find a good stretch and mobility. We will have John get down on the floor. Feet wider than shoulder width, he is going to widen his knees side to side the best that he can, just like windshield wipers. We are trying to work the ball and socket joint of this hips trying to explore how much range of motion we have on each side. If this feels easy, sit up, same width to feet. Now without touching the floor with his hands, he is going to keep rocking from side to side which gives us more movement from the hips, more core activation. Taking it to our next progression, we will get some gluteal activity by rising up after one side, as high as you can, sitting down and then rolling to the other side, popping up an pinching the glutes and repeating. We are mobilizing the hip, warming up and activating the glutes. If you feel enough of a challenge from our first exercise, stay on your back. If you need more of a challenge, progress through our different variations and do 5-10 reps on each side. Our next group of exercises will be a series of bridge variations. We will get activation from a sagittal (up and down) plane and also some anti-rotation with the hip with a different variation. John is going to do a single legged bridge with some added resistance. He will have one leg planted and the other leg up, with the stability ball between his forearm and leg. Keeping pressure on the ball as he raises his body up and down. While he does this, we activate the core as well while the abdominals and glutes work together.. He will get more extension by doing this with resistance than he would without the added resistance. About 5-10 reps per side should be sufficient in order to really feel this exercise. Our next variation with provide a little bit more activation higher in the hip in the glute medius, which is the highest part of the glute, top of the butt cheek area. We are going to perform another single legged bridge, but this time, the ball will be between the leg and the wall. Because the ball is there, his knee can’t rotate out to the side. We are strengthening those muscles to help him rotate better. 5-10 reps should be plenty. I feel that if you do more than 10, you start to lose the extension of the hips and effect that we are trying to get.


On to our power exercise to keep glutes firing and the hips going. Trying to encourage separation between the hips and the torso while jumping 180 degrees side to side. For reference, we have a piece of painters tape on the floor. Painters tape is great to use because it is easy to move and doesn’t mark up the floor. John will straddle the piece of tape, holding the shaft of the club out in front to give him something to pull against. We want a 180 degree rotation with the hips leading the charge giving separation in the hips and torso. You can see how John is coiling and twisting his body and the hips and his torso are separating. The incorrect way would be where the hips and torso are moving as one piece and not separating. Make sure you fire from the hips. It may look correct, but you can feel the difference. It is important to feel the loading and coil of the body, and unleashing the coil as you rotate. Hips leading the charge, jupming, then rocking right back into the coil. We want loading and exploding. I’m taking that from Jason Glass.  If you need something else to look at, find his power slings videos online. I believe one is called “Loaded”. He talks about rotational power. It is excellent, easy to follow, easy to understand and has great exercises. This will help with your sequencing. If you have been told that your hips are behind your torso, shoulders or club, this will teach your hips to lead the charge as you are coming down towards impact.

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