AGA Golf Fitness Tip of the Month | August | Scottsdale | Mesa | Arizona

I have John Burns with Mcdowell Mountain Golf Club and one of our clients, Kelsey Kipp with me. Today we will be talking about a common swing fault, over the top, and what could potentially cause that. We will talk about lack of separation between the torso and the hips as a potential cause.

Many golfers, once they reach the end of their back swing and are about to transition into their downswing. Instead of letting the hips move forward 1st, while the upper body hold back, the shoulders will start to rotate over a little too soon and you can see that the golf club is in a much steeper position. From here, we see a lot of slicing, poor contact and really don’t get any distance from it.

For our first exercise, we will be using a stick from stick mobility. We are going to use this rack here, but you can use a wall, or anything with a solid anchor. Before we do anything, we want to activate the core. Try to drive into the the stick into the wall or anchor that you are using. From this position, we are going to rotate the hips without moving the arms, or shoulders. The abdominal and obliques are activating to get that rotation without moving the shoulders with them. Perform 10 reps on each side.
Our next exercise will pick on each side individually. This is a Heisman Rotation. Holding the stick out to one side of the body, drive it into the ground. Bring the leg closest to the stick up and rotate it across the body. Perform 10 reps on each side.
Performing these exercises teaches the muscles to feel what they are supposed to be doing. So when you do go back to your instructor, your body should be able to understand and perform what your instructor wants you to do.

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John Burns is the Lead Instructor PGA Professional at Mcdowell Mountain GOld. Phone: 602-628-8260. Email: