AGA Golf Fitness Tip of the Month | December | Scottsdale | Mesa | Arizona

This is Andrew Fodge with Fitness by Andrew Personal Training based out of Scottsdale, AZ. I am a TPI Certified Trainer. With me today is Kelsey Kipp based out of Ancala Country Club. Today we are going to demonstrate part of what we do with her. Medicine ball training is a huge part of what we do for golf fitness and for our athletes. A medicine ball is a versatile piece of equip we use for many things. We will show you drills that work the core and upper body in terms of speed and power. The two medicine balls that we primarily use include the Dynamax leather ball and a TKO rubber ball. We use different balls for different drills. For instance the leather ball don’t bounce well so if we are doing a partner drills, the rubber ball tends to work better. If we are doing total body drills for total body movement, we will probably use a heavier leather ball. So lets get started with our drills.

Shake and Bake

This is a great drill if you don’t have a wall to use or a partner to throw the ball to. We can use a variety of stances. We will start with our basic square stance. Athletic posture, elbows slightly bent, maintain great posture as you shake the ball side to side using the torso. Trying to twist as hard and as fast as you can with the hips moving as little as possible. 5-10 seconds with a light ball (Kelsey is using a 4lb rubber ball) is all we need. We want fast and quick movement. Any longer than than, and we lose the speed. A light ball, 4-8lbs is sufficient. We are training the body to move fast and if were we to go heavier, the speed would be lost.

Pullover Sit-up With Figure 8 Pattern 
Reach back, ball to the floor, pullover to a sit up, rotate to one side and slowly lower yourself down as you reach back. Repeat on the other side. You are using the ball to help you sit up as you fight gravity and the weight of the ball as you slowly come down. We are working dynamic movement and core control as well as a little bit of disassociation between the shoulder and the hips. Quick movement up and slow and controlled movement down. 5-10 reps per side is plenty to provide full core activation.
Partner Throw From a Sit-up Position 
If you don’t have a partner, but have a brick wall or racketball court, this will work. Start by lying back, ball overhead and throw the ball as you sit up. As you catch the ball, lie back. Working core and upper body as a sequence. As you initiate the movement, the core  starts and upper body finishes it. If you are a golfer and have good hips, strong base, strong upper body, but somehow you are losing power, it could be your core. This is a great exercise to do. 5-10 hard and fast reps should be enough. If you don’t have a partner, give yourself some space to let it bounce back to you.
Half-Kneeling Position Partner Side Throw 
This is another variation of a partner throw. The key is to keep the butt and abs tight. Minimal movement in the hips and legs. As you twist to load up, you should feel yourself generating power from the hips up the core and into the arms. There are many variations of this drill. For this one, you will look towards your target throwing as hard and as fast as you can. Perform 5-10 on each leg before switching sides. This way are working each hip differently and this will allow us to potentially spot any weak-links.
Partner Bounce Pass
This is a partner drill and will not work against a wall. Using a rubber medicine ball. Starting with a square stance, solid base, feet grounded, solid hips, athletic posture. Maintain this position as you bounce pass the ball to your partner. Have your partner move back and forth just enough so you can see as you track them, You are rotating the spine and aiming the ball in each direction they go. Once you try this with a square stance, move on to a split stance. With the split stance, your feet should be the same width apart as the square stance, but staggered. Bring you back heel up slightly so the majority of your weight is on your front foot. Bounce the ball straight down and to your partner.
Andrew Fodge is a certified Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness instructor, K-Vest Level 2 biomechanic specialist and the owner Fitness by Andrew LLC personal training in Scottsdale, Arizona. Specializing in Golf Fitness, Sport Performance training and motivational techniques. Andrew and his team are here to provide you with a comprehensive one-of-a-kind program to help you achieve real results. Call Andrew at 602-638-3000 or email for a complimentary golf performance screening in Scottsdale or Mesa.