AGA Golf Fitness Tip of the Month | July | Scottsdale | Mesa | Arizona

Today, we are going to use battle ropes as a conditioning tool. Battle ropes are awesome because they last forever, are affordable and they can be a challenge depending on the thickness of the rope and your conditioning level. If you guys and girls have never used battle ropes, I recommend getting a thinner rope because the thicker ropes are more challenging. This rope is about an inch thick and 50 feet long, I just have it doubled over. What I want to show you guys today is three drills that hopefully will help with some of the issues, weak links or limitations you may have. The first one is from a golf posture; I want to do a side to side movement, isolating the core. You can imagine how important the core is with trying to twist side to side. Set up in golf posture or a little bit wider, grounded to the floor with your feet, elbows tucked into the ribs, and a quick twist or rotation by keeping the rope over the floor. Try not to use your arms, only try to use the spine and torso to twist. That’s an excellent drill to work on the rotary muscles that help rotate the trunk, as well as stabilize it to the ground with the lower body.

Our next drill is a half squat to a shoulder press. I want to rest the rope across my shoulders, get into the athletic position, a little half squat then shoulder press straight up. Now if I need more of a challenge, try to get more of the rope off of the ground, then half squat and press which increases the resistance and the challenge.

Our third drill is a resisted or rope engaged reverse-crunch. Lay back into a reverse crunch position, grab the rope at shoulder level and pull the slack of the rope off of the ground. This will engage your shoulders, shoulder blades and upper body. From there, tuck the knees in between the hands keeping the tension on the rope and slack off of the floor. That’s going to light up and engage all of the muscles in the core. Great exercise for you guys who have a hard time with anterior tilt in the hips and need a little more strength and engagement through the core! This is a great exercise using the ropes.

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