Early Morning Nutrition Tips You Need To Know

Breakfast Meal Ideas Before A Workout If you’re about to get started working out in the mornings, one thing that you need to make sure that you’re paying attention to is your early morning nutrition.

Sadly, many people let nutrition fall by the wayside first thing in the morning either because they just don’t have an appetite to eat, or because they don’t want to crawl out of bed any earlier to prepare something and eat.

But, if you want to perform optimally, it’s going to be essential that you’re taking your diet into account. Your body needs fuel to perform at the intensity level you’re going for, so this isn’t something that you can overlook. Let’s go over a few of scottsdale’s top tips about early morning nutrition.

Eat Light Before A Morning Workout

The very first thing that you need to be doing is making sure that you’re eating, but yet keeping it light. You definitely don’t want to down a large meal and then immediately hit the gym or cramps will ensue.

Instead, keep it to around 200-300 calories (depending on your size) and make sure that you keep the fat intake of the meal down low. Dietary fat will just cause you to feel sluggish and increase the time it takes for the meal to digest and break down.

Get Prepared the Night Before

The next thing that you need to be doing is make sure that you are prepared before the morning comes. For most people, it will help to set out the snack the night before so that when morning rolls around, it’s ready to go. Having to cook a pre-workout meal is going to add time to your routine and definitely turn you off getting the nutrition you need in.

Set everything out so it’s done for you ahead of time. If you set your ingredients aside on the counter or even in the refrigerator then you can move a lot faster and avoid getting held up.

Creative Morning Meal Options

So what should you be eating for your pre-workout meals?

Protein powder is an awesome choice, as it is easy to digest and is extremely quick to add to a shake or water in the morning. Most people go this route because it doesn’t weigh them down and will provide the energy necessary to power through a morning workout.  So consider protein powders, they are a great option first thing in the morning.

Remember, you do need to combine your protein powder with some carbohydrates, so add a handful of fresh or frozen berries to the shake or a small bowl of cereal.

If you can tolerate solid food, Greek yogurt with some lower fat granola can also be a good option, or you can go for an egg-white omelette with a slice of whole wheat bread.  That will take more time however, so it all depends on how much time you have in the morning.

Don’t discount the fact that you can eat non-traditional breakfast foods as well. If you can stomach it, serve up some chicken from the night before with half a cup of rice.  For some people this will work as a great option and give them the fuel they need going ahead.

So there you have the information you need to know about pre-workout nutrition for those early morning sessions. Make sure that you are not skipping a meal before you morning workout. And if you’re in search of the right workout facility or program, check out our Fitness Intensive Boot Camp Programs today (it’s our most popular program). You have a lot of great ideas here, just find what works best for you!



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