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No matter what your sport, the team at Fitness by Andrew can help you to move better, faster and stronger which will ultimately help you to perform better.

Extreme Sports Athletes
Martial Arts

Initial Golf Fitness Assessment or Re-Test Only Session (about 60-75 minutes)  $100

We will be looking at your body’s ability to complete a proper swing “away from a “swing”. We want to examine your body’s ability to perform a proper swing naturally, regardless of your swing style. In our initial assessment, we can determine the weaknesses and areas of the player’s body that need to be improved. This assessment takes about 60 minutes and you will take away from the assessment with at least 4 exercise to address the greatest imbalances or flexibility/strength issues . The exercises will deliver immediate results that you WILL feel.

Golf Fitness and Sport Specific Personal Training Programs (Semi-Private and Private Sessions Available)

Breakdown Summary of 50 Minute Session Components

  • 5 minutes of Functional Warm-up
  • 40 minutes Golf Fitness or Sport Specific Exercise Routine
  • 10 Minutes “Cool Down” and Trainer Assisted Stretching

If you have any questions or concerns about our program, or would like to schedule an assessment please fill out the form below. We look forward to improving your game today.