Golf Fitness Program


How would you feel if you could hit 10, 20, or 30 yards further in one month?

By improving your stability, mobility, strength and power, we can  improve the quality of your golf game!

The 3 Step Progression To Your Best Performance

1) Function

Building your stability & mobility.

2) Strength

Build and increase your strength

3) Power

Develop golf specific power.

The Golf Fitness Program

Andrew and his team have helped many other golfers, like you, become a better playePersonal Trainers for Golfr with the program we have. You will not be disappointed. In this Golf Specific Personal Training Program in Scottsdale, you will be assessed on weaknesses and imbalances that you may possess in your balance, strength, power, and range of motion. We will put you through an exercise and stretching program that will address these issues and improve the quality of your game.

The Golf Fitness Program consists primarily of:

  • TPI Movement Screening, Strength and Power Testing
  • K-Trainer Golf Fitness 3-D Biofeedback
  • Core Conditioning and Posture Exercises
  • Dynamic and Passive Stretching
  • Functional Based Golf Specific Strength Based Exercises
  • Sessions are typically 1 to 3 times a week
  • Session Length is typically 50 minutes or longer depending on your program

Our golf specific personal training programs are offered with the personal trainers of Fitness By Andrew LLC utilizing the Titleist Performance Institute movement screening criteria as a foundation to build your Golf Fitness program. This fitness program has allowed our players to improve the necessary flexibility, strength, and body awareness to increase their enjoyment and quality of play.

We are successful in that we have an “Always Be Measuring” mentality.  Whether we are retesting rotational velocity, body positions, mobility, stability, strength, and/or power, we will always be confident that we are improving your OVERALL ability to play better golf.



Michael Allen, PGA Professional, Champions Tour Winner

“Andrew has been an integral part of my team to keep me fit and flexible enough to compete on the PGA (Champions) Tour. Our workouts are never the same old thing, always challenging.” -2009

John Greig, PGA Professional, Instructor at FireRock Country Club, Fountain Hills, AZ

“As a PGA Class A Golf Professional that gives hundreds of lessons and competes in many golf tournaments, I know the importance of fitness as it relates to the achieving your ideal golf swing.  Knowing the importance of fitness and how to maximize your own potential is where Andrew couldn’t play a more important role for me.  I have been working with Andrew for the better part of two years and instantly was hooked onto his methods of stretching and strength training.  I immediately saw a difference in my own game and went on to have the best season I have ever had.

The results you will receive from Andrew you cannot get from trainers at a regular gym.  These trainers guide their students at slow and steady paces, as to make sure they come back for more sessions.  Andrew’s students keep coming back to him because he pushes them to reach their limit and exceed it every session!  Through your first training session it’s quick to realize that Andrew is just as motivated as you.  On top of th flexibility and strength you’ll gain by working with Andrew it will be the knowledge of your own body’s weaknesses.   He picks on your weaknesses to make them into strengths and

You won’t find many trainers that are as golf specific and have the credentials Andrew has obtained.  What I was looking for when searching for golf specific trainers Andrew has far succeeded!  If you are struggling to find that next level in your golf game, please don’t overlook the importance of golf instruction and someone as knowledgeable about the fitness it takes to get there.  Andrew will get you there!”  -2014


Find A Service That’s Right For You

Initial Golf Fitness Assessment or Re-Test Only Session (about 60-75 minutes)  $100

We will be looking at your body’s ability to complete a proper swing “away from a “swing”. We want to examine your body’s ability to perform a proper swing naturally, regardless of your swing style. In our initial assessment, we can determine the weaknesses and areas of the player’s body that need to be improved. This assessment takes about 60 minutes and you will take away from the assessment with at least 4 exercise to address the greatest imbalances or flexibility/strength issues . The exercises will deliver immediate results that you WILL feel.

Golf Fitness Personal Training Programs (Semi-Private and Private Sessions Available)

Breakdown Summary of 50 Minute Session Components

  • 5 minutes of Functional Warm-up
  • 40 minutes Golf Fitness Specific Exercise Routine
  • 10 Minutes “Cool Down” and Trainer Assisted Stretching

If you have any questions or concerns about our program, or would like to schedule an assessment please fill out the form below. We look forward to improving your game today.