Have you tried “almost everything” to fix your game and are still asking yourself these questions?

  • Why am I coming over the top?Personal Trainer for Golf with 3d-Biofeedback
  • How do I get rid of this slice?
  • Why are my drives lacking distance?
  • Why is my ball flight so inconsistent?
  • Can I ever stop popping pain relievers before I play?

The Answers Might Surprise You.

The K-Vest 3-D Swing Analysis uses 3 wireless sensors, located on your hips, shoulders, and golf glove to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues. Once a swing has been captured, Andrew can analyze and communicate your swing efficiency or “power signature” to you. In other words, the TPI-3D software of the K-Vest system analyzes the specific areas of your address, backswing or downswing that are holding you back.  Fitness By Andrew LLC Owner/Personal Trainer, Andrew Fodge, is proud to be offering this complete Golf Fitness Package Utilizing K-Vest 3-D technology and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf fitness training methods.

During a K-Vest TPI-3D Swing Analysis we will be evaluating the following check points in the Kinematic Sequence of your swing:

  • Takeaway Sequence (Accuracy)
  • Transition Sequence (Accuracy)
  • Acceleration Rates (Power)
  • Peak Speed Sequence
  • Peak Speed Timing
  • Deceleration Patterns (Power)
  • Overall Peak Speeds

With this quantitative data we can then assess what aspects of both your swing and your body’s ability (mobility, stability, etc.) need to be addressed in our Golf Fitness Sessions.


Personal Training Scottsdale Golf Fitness



The K-Trainer Golf Fitness Sessions use  a 2-sensor biofeedback system, allows Andrew to provide golf clients with real-time auditory, visual, and kinesthetic feedback that will help eliminate swing faults, improve ball flight, and lower scores, all in significantly less time. From full-swing and short-game drills to golf- specific exercises programs.


Golf Fitness Scottsdale AZ with Andrew


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