Mobility Workshop: Lower Body Emphasis | Scottsdale

Mobility Workshop: Lower Body Emphasis. This is an OPEN Workshop for anyone (golfers, runners, crossfitters, weekend warriors, etc) who would like to learn a few more ways they can mobilize their body for better performance using tools like a foam roller, lacrosse balls, VooDoo Bands, and anything else one might find in their gym, home, or studio. This workshop will be at 10am on Saturday May 30th. This particular workshop will focus on the lower body.

Regularly working on mobility is perfect for anyone looking to relieve muscle adhesions (knots) improve range of motion, decrease pain, and enhance performance. Crossfitters, golfers, runners, active adults, sedentary inactive adults all can benefit from demonstrated tactics to improve mobility. $25 fee includes lacrosse ball and foam roller. The workshop will last one hour. Please arrive promptly, we will begin right at 10am. 10 participants max. Complimentary for current clients. $25 for non-clients.

 To Register please click on the link: Mobility Workshop

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