David: Building Strength

Personal Fitness Training Services In Scottsdale [Transcription]:

My name is David. I’ve been working out here at Fitness By Andrew with Stacey for about 10 to 12 months. Started off doing group sessions, and then transferred over to a little bit of personal training. I’m really just working on a total core body work out. Increasing my endurance and really building strength throughout the time I’ve been here.  Worked through a couple of injuries with Stacey as well.  I’ve really worked out with a wide variety of age groups all of the way down from teens all the way up to people who are about 50 or so. Really being able to balance that throughout the work out is something Stacey really does well.

And I’d really recommend Fitness By Andrew to really anyone who is looking to achieve their fitness goals. And also, to get a really total and full mind and body workout.



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