60-Day Fitness Intensive Program

“Success is dependent on effort.” -Sophocles

  • Are you tired of not seeing results with your current fitness program?

  • Do you have 20 pounds, 30 pounds or more of fat to lose?

  • Looking for a program that works fast?


Personal Training Results in Two Months

Don’t Hesitate any longer, we can begin the change in your body and your life, that YOU Want!! An Intense Fitness Program must be effective, safe, and progressive for about $25 per day.

A Two Month Fitness Program, such as ours, is designed to teach and apply the fitness principles you need to be successful and FIT!!

Within the 60 Day Fitness Intensive Program you receive:

  • Maximum 40 Fitness Intensive Sessions ($1720 Value)
  • 8 Week Nutrition Program ($150 Value)
  • Daily and Weekly Notifications and Check-ins ($89 Value)
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor Tracking during Sessions ($119 Value)

Your Total Investment of the Two Month Intensive program, is only $1500

Personal Training must deliver results for you and with the Fitness By Andrew Two Month Intensive Program it does!!  DO something for yourself that you will not regret.  Put my Knowledge, Experience, Ability, and Desire to work for YOU, as your Trainer.         Personal Training Scottsdale

This is a PROGRAM based around YOU!! The workouts, the eating plan, and the progression of the program is based on the results we achieve weekly!! Other clients following this program have seen on average 2-4 POUNDS of Body Composition Change PER WEEK!! In two months, it is realistic to expect  a MINIMUM of 10-25 pounds of body composition change with my fitness program.

We just need to get serious, get started, and get sweating!!!

Please only Serious Individuals willing to follow a program 4-5 days a week. This includes working out with myself and/or a colleague on my team, 3x-5x a week with an aerobic exercise routine and eating plan that we design together.

This fitness training program is offered at the Fitness By Andrew: North Scottsdale studio (at the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and Redfield Rd).

In our complimentary consultation, We will outline for you the program. We will need to discuss the commitment of your time, your ability to stay consistent and discuss my ability as your personal trainer to truly change your body.

Participants must be willing to see and feel fitness results quickly with a commitment up to 4 to 5 fitness training sessions a week, with myself and one of my personal trainers at  our studio in  North Scottsdale.

Contact me with any questions and when you would like to start at 602-638-3000 or complete the form below at the bottom of the page.

Two Month Fitness Intensive Program FAQ

This Program has become increasingly popular and these questions have been the most commonly asked before beginning the program.

  • What is the advantage of this program versus others out there?
  • Why should I workout with you 4, 5, or more times per week?
  • What kind of time openings do you have?
  • What is the total cost of the program?

Q: What is the advantage of this program versus others out there?

A: This personal training program is meant to give you quick results with constant accountability. The way I have this fitness program set up is to deliver efficient workouts with effective results using real exercise principles and a nutrition system using real food. I have not had ONE client currently or formerly tell me that they didn’t feel and see the results from this program immediately.  This program is an effective Jumpstart to any goal you may have, and I am so proud of the results.
Q: Why should I workout 4, 5, or more times per week?

A: Many times I have heard a client say that they lose a certain number of pounds, then asked “when” would they want to start to see a difference. The answer I always get is “Now”. Well guess what?!?!? The greatest tactic we can take, to change your weight, is to put the time into it necessary. The consistent and frequent workouts will “tune” your body in changing NOW. If you follow our nutrition system, your body gets “tuned” in that much faster. The more we do with your eating plan and your workouts the quicker you will see results. After the first two months once we have established proper eating habits and a workout regimen, we can either scale back to two or three sessions a week or continue into another Two-Month Intensive.  Our daily workouts will vary day-to-day and will focus on a different aspect of your overall fitness and conditioning, by monitoring you daily we can make accommodations as needed to be safe and effective.  Our goal is to constantly challenge your body to adapt to a higher level of fitness and to maximize your calorie burn.

Q: What kind of time openings do you have for this program?

A: My trainers and I have openings as early as 530am in the morning and as late 7pm during the week and most of the day on Saturdays.

Q: What is the total cost of the program?

A: .The investment of the Two Month Fitness Intensive Program, for the total 60 Days,  is only a total of $1500.  This is a dynamic program designed to transform your body safely and efficiently, with as many as 40 Fitness Intensive Sessions and more to be completed within 8 weeks.

Call 602-638-3000 or go to my contact page, where you can email me directly with any further questions you might have.