The Golf Fitness Program

How would you feel if you could hit 10, 20, or 30 yards further in one month? By improving your stability, mobility, strength and power, we can  improve the quality of your golf game!

The 3 Step Progression To Your Best Performance

  1. Function– Building your stability & mobility.
  2. Strength– Build and increase your strength
  3. Power– Develop golf specific power.

Andrew and his team have helped many other golfers just like you to become a better players with the program we have. You will not be disappointed!

In this Golf Specific Personal Training Program in Scottsdale, you will be assessed on weaknesses and imbalances that you may possess in your balance, strength, power, and range of motion. We will put you through an exercise and stretching program that will address these issues and improve the quality of your game.

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The Golf Fitness Program consists primarily of:

  • TPI Movement Screening, Strength and Power Testing
  • K-Trainer Golf Fitness 3-D Biofeedback
  • Core Conditioning and Posture Exercises
  • Dynamic Stretching and Mobility Exercises
  • Functional Based Golf Specific Strength Based Exercises
  • Sessions are typically 1 to 3 times a week
  • Session Length is typically 50 minutes or longer depending on your program

Golf Performance

Our golf specific personal training programs are offered with the personal trainers of Fitness By Andrew LLC utilizing the Titleist Performance Institute movement screening criteria as a foundation to build your Golf Fitness program. This fitness program has allowed our players to improve the necessary flexibility, strength, and body awareness to increase their enjoyment and quality of play.

We are successful in that we have an “Always Be Measuring” mentality. Whether we are retesting rotational velocity, body positions, mobility, stability, strength, and/or power, we will always be confident that we are improving your OVERALL ability to play better golf.