Kevin: Outstanding Results

Weight Loss Expert Scottsdale AZ Testimonial [Transcription]:

Hi my name is Kevin Terell. I’ve been training with Stacey Davis since November of 2012.  When I first came to Stacey I was over weight, out of shape, low energy, low motivation. Just a general lack of enthusiasm for life overall. Within the first 30 days of training with Stacey the first 9 workouts I had an incredible surge of energy. I had a new amount of focus, a new amount of intensity, which only helped to propel me further in my workouts. Stacey is very, very intense. And She will definitely work you out and help you achieve your fitness goals.  I’m well on the path to doing that.

Having worked with Stacey over the last 90 days I’ve seen an incredible and outstanding results.

The type of client that I would recommend to work with her is someone who definitely has a clear specific goal in mind and a specific time frame to meet it. She will match your intensity. She will help you achieve your challenge and your objective.

Without a doubt, I would strongly recommend her as your personal trainer.



Andrew Fodge is a certified fitness professional and the founder and owner of Fitness by Andrew LLC Personal Trainer Group, in Scottsdale, AZ. Andrew specializes in golf fitness, sports performance training, nutrition and motivational techniques. Andrew and his team of personal trainers are here to provide you with a comprehensive one-of-a-kind program to help you achieve real results. Call Andrew at (480) 477-6341 or email for a free consultation.